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BetOnline Sports Betting Review

My husband, who is an avid sports fan and wagering mastermind, introduced me to legal online sportsbooks years ago, so I felt compelled to write a review for my favorite, BetOnline. I expressed an interest after watching him on NFL sundays having a blast betting games. He showed me the ropes and before long I was the betting master mind in our house. Years later here I am writing a full review of BetOnline, one of only a few sportsbooks that I use. My husband knows how much I enjoy watching women’s mixed martial arts and NFL/college football every season, which made it super easy to learn how to use BetOnline because I know the athletes, teams, leagues, etc.

My first impression of BetOnline is how easy and user friendly the site really is. Just out of curiosity after exploring BetOnline I ventured to other sportsbook sites to see what they had to offer, and I was surprised at how spammy and cheesy those other sites were. BetOnline isn’t like that at all, blending a perfect balance of style, and functionality, with a hint of uniqueness. I’d have to say that BetOnline knocks out the competition like Rhonda Rousey did Bethe Correia.

What Makes BetOnline Legal?

BetOnline is a legal sports betting site. I know that I had my own concerns about the legality of sportsbooks, and I didn’t want to start betting until I knew that my reservations were resolved. My concerns were baseless from the research I did on the laws governing online sports betting. I will share this information so you can see for yourself that there is nothing nefarious about wagering on BetOnline sportsbook.

The first law that I would like to talk about is the UIGEA, or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. This law regulates the way a site is allowed to pay players for online betting. Being able to collect your prize money is the best part of placing bets. This law restricts sites from paying out funds directly to a credit/debit card. Thankfully, BetOnline uses many safe and reliable alternative payout methods, that don’t require a credit/debit card.

The second law I want to tell you about is the Federal Wire Act of 1961. This law has an interesting history; it was implemented to deter gangsters and organized criminals from extorting athletes, sports events, and the person that governed matches/games. The law has been ratified many times and now only affects wagering sites in United States. The law limits sports betting sites form the transferring of information between states. Because BetOnline is based in Panama City, in the Republic of Panama, this law does not apply, and players from all 50 states can play at the site as much as they would like, legally.

The third and final law I would like to discuss is the PASPA, or The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. This law is the reason that legal sports betting is hard to find in the United States, with the exception of four states which are Nevada, Delaware, Montana, and Oregon. This law only affects land based sports betting, and does not in any way restrict the overseas sports betting sites such as BetOnline.

IS BetOnline Safe For USA Players?

I know that BetOnline is absolutely safe! I wouldn’t have let my husband place bets on this site for the last decade if I didn’t think it was safe. I will go over BetOnline’s security essentials anyway; so that you will understand why I feel the way I do about this site. BetOnline has established long-lasting, positive relationships with its seasoned members, and will prove that they are just as dedicated to all new members. The number one priority of this site is to ensure the protection of its players personal information and accounts. They use state of the art security software, firewall protection, and geotracking to ensure that you are betting from a secure location. Encryption technology is used by BetOnline on all deposits/payouts so that your money is well protected, and in good hands.

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Does BetOnline Accept All USA Players?

BetOnline, like many other US sports betting sites, accepts bettors from all 50 states. There are some age restrictions in some states regarding wagering for real money. While no one has ever gotten into trouble for betting over 18, you should probably do a quick search to find out the age limit, just to be on the safe side. BetOnline allows players that are 18 or older to join.

How Can I Fund My BetOnline Account?

Making a payment to BetOnline is easy as pie. All you have to do is select which payment type you feel the most comfortable with. My husband and I use our credit/debit card to make payments to keep our accounts flush with cash. You can also use a check, money order, bank wire transfer, cash wire, and more. For my credit card the transactions are usually fast, within a few seconds my money is in there and ready to use. They do have a minimum deposit of $50 for all credit cards and a maximum between $1000 and $3500, depending on what card you use. A list of cards with their minimum and maximum amounts is located on the cashier’s page. With each transaction, a small 6.5% fee applies to all credit card deposits. Each method has varying fees and limits.

SportsBetting Bonuses

What Cashout Options Does BetOnline Offer After I Win?

Cashing in your earnings from BetOnline is just as easy as making a payment. BetOnline’s payout options are just vast as the deposit methods. The withdrawal option that I use, which is the most popular, is a check. Other options you can use to claim your spoils are as follows, person to person (rapid transfer/MoneyGram/Western Union), bank wire transfer, prepaid cards, and bitcoin. The UIGEA, which we talked about in the law section, will not allow payouts directly to your credit card, so please look at the large list of cash out options that are on offer. There are differing speeds, fees, and limits to payouts, just as there are with deposits. For example, person to person (aka cash wires/MoneyGram/Western Union) can take up to 2 days to process, they come with fees ranging from $26 to $101 depending on how much your prize money you are cashing out. Withdrawing funds through person to person also has minimum and maximum amounts that you have to abide by, the minimum being $50 and the maximum amount being $600. Each option for cashing in your prizes and other relevant information is listed on the cashiers’ page.

What Types Of Welcome Bonuses Does BetOnline Have?

These are my favorite parts about BetOnline, the bonuses! More money equals more prizes, and if you had any doubts about joining this amazing online gaming community, the special offers and discounts will certainly change your mind. Loyal customers like my husband and myself have received and benefited greatly from day one of signing up. Some of the unbelievable promotions include the giant 50% welcome bonus that can be up to $1000, just for joining. This bonus adds some serious weight to your bankroll, but only if you meet the requirements and enter in the promo code. This special code can be found on the promotions page. The other bonus that I’ve received throughout the year and during seasonal promotions is the reload bonus. This 50% bonus is only offered to seasoned members every 30 days as a reward for making minimum deposits of $50 during a transaction. To claim this reward you also have to specify its usage and enter in the promo code. Sportsbook bonuses are what sold me and my hunk on BetOnline.

Does BetOnline Offer Mobile Betting?

We all get bored. I know I do. Standing in a long checkout line, getting my mani/pedicure, or just sitting on the couch, it’s enough to drive a person mad. Now you don’t have to be, just like me you can use your phone or tablet to access your sportsbook whenever you want. With mobile betting, you can deposit funds to your account from anywhere. This feature is new and I just love it. Players can access the entire website fast and hassle free, you don’t even have to download anything. There is no cost, this app is completely free to all members. If you’re still curious, check out the mobile betting page to get the full grasp of this boredom-saving feature.

Can I Make Live In-Game Bets At BetOnline?

Just to add to the already massive list of innovative features that BetOnline has to offer, the also new live/in-game betting page is a must when using BetOnline. Sometimes my husband and I bet on the same games while they are happening and watch as the odds are constantly changing and updating. My husband enjoys this feature the most because he can place as many bets as he wants on a game for as long as the game is still going. To him that means he can still play up until the last kick off, or whistle goes off. Most traditional odds close one a game or event begins, but with this live/ in-game experience you can jump in and place a wager any time during the game. Take a gander at the live/in-game page for a full explanation of how it works. All I can say is it keeps my man happy.

The Final Word On BetOnline

I would have to say that the best part about BetOnline for me is their staggering amount of wonderful features. They let you use multiple methods to fund your account, let you bet on games/event that are happening in real-time, check/update your account from any mobile device, and offer unbelievable promotions/bonuses. I really just can’t express how much I’ve personally enjoyed BetOnline, and how having this shared interest with my husband has made our marriage that much stronger. BetOnline is also like that, sportsbooks for USA players provide players loyalty rewards and in order create a long-lasting, positive relationship that you can enjoy for many years.